Our goal

Our goal is to provide internet access anytime and anywhere to all of those that visit Spain.


You will enjoy a convenient and unconcerned access to the internet during your trip, so you can be connected to home and share the experiences of your travel.


We provide all of this at very reasonable cost, so you can avoid the expensive roaming fees of your mobile operator, and bad surprises on your phone bill, when you return home.

Our prices are simple, all included, and with no hidden fees – That is our promise.

Contact us

At Spain Internet we believe that any online business should be transparent and open like any physical store. Do you have any questions? Get in touch! Call us, send an email, or send us a message on our social network.

Email: info@spaininternet.net

Phone: +34 986 596 655


Spain Internet (TuryElectro)
Carretera Porriño Salceda Km. 1
Desvío Polígono A Granxa. Lugar Vilafria, 32
36475 O Porriño, Pontevedra

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